November 16th, 2020

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I prepared a short time-lapse video of my latest drawing; however, the best bit did not get captured–the edge of the bottle cap. This is the second in a series of iconic Minneapolis-Saint Paul neon signs (the first was the “Gold Medal Flour” sign that overlooks the Mississippi River). Third to come!

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  1. Gary Esboldt
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    I enjoyed the time lapse. It was interesting to view some of your process. Thank you. Your art is good. My good friend from Northfield, Rick McKinniss, has a son who is an artist. He struggled financially but recently was “discovered” and now making it financially in the world. He was paid to put on an art show in CA. Then it was cancelled because of COVID. However many in the art world knew was in CA and set up and they purchased still many of his pieces for what I consider a lot of money. I guess I told you that to encourage you but I don’t even know if that is a goal of your’s. Whatever…thanks for sharing your artwork/journey. I like your art.

    • andre
      | Reply

      Thank you Gary! It’s a joy to hear from you; I always appreciate your comments. It’s challenging to balance the benefits of pursuing art as a source of income at the risk of it becoming “work.” That was ultimately what motivated me to choose a “traditional career” as my living as opposed to selling art–I was afraid of losing the freedom and joy that comes from creating when you want to. That being said, there is still the possibility of having your hobby pay for itself, which is how I like to describe it. We will see what happens… Take care!

  2. Steve Matlon
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    Love the time lapse coming die and appreciate the subject as a Grain Belt collector. Nice work Andre.

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