Inktober 2021 (1)

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"Last year I participated for a few days before sputtering out."

- André, October 2020

Ten days later, I sputtered out.

It's Inktober season again (or as autocorrect insists, "ink toner" season), which means it's time for my annual overpromise to create a drawing every day for the month of October. (Remember when I drew every day in 2018? I don't.)

If I wanted to make it the whole month, good advice would be, "Keep it simple! Just sketch something quick each day."

Instead, I am recording time lapse videos of the drawings as I do them, and apparently tackling drawing the not-simple Vessel, which I saw on my recent trip to NYC.

So. Don't hold your breath. Here's October 1st - 3rd.

2 Responses

  1. Kennedy Treichler
    | Reply

    If you make it all month I’ll give you a plant!!!!!

  2. Erik Tungland
    | Reply

    Go André go!!!

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