Color Schemes

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Much ink has been spilled about the color wheel and the multitude of strategies for creating harmonious yet dynamic color schemes. I am no expert in color theory, but I have learned my fair share from experience designing magazines and creating illustrations for children’s books. The importance of maintaining a coherent color scheme throughout the illustrated children’s book cannot be … Read More


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As a neuroscience major, I’m a part of the College of Biological Sciences at the University of Minnesota. One of my favorite parts of the college is the emphasis that the professors put on innovative teaching strategies. Several of my core classes have been taught as “Active Learning Courses,” in which the professors lecture very minimally (10-15 min out of … Read More


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  Back when I was a junior in high school, one of my English teachers, Chuck Brooks, pulled me aside and asked if I would read a poem he had written. Slightly perplexed, I sat in his room and read through ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas in Rosemount. It was a reinterpretation of the classic Lewis Carroll story, this time focused … Read More