2023 Summer Art Festivals!

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Hello! Quick note to let people know that I will be participating in a couple art festivals this summer. Eagan Art Festival is always great and Art on the Lake is a juried show, so should be top quality! Hope to see you there. Then, stay tuned later in the summer for more work coming out after these shows wrap … Read More

Inktober 2022 (2)

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I didn’t draw quite every prompt, but it was fun to put a full effort toward some of the drawings this year. That’s what it’s about, anyway: drawing and sharing. Some of my favorites were “Armadillo,” “Crabby Eagle” (one of a few combined prompts drawings), “Flame,” and “Gargoyle.” Looking forward to (hopefully) many drawings and paintings this winter. There’s one … Read More

Inktober 2022 (1)

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To everyone’s surprise (chiefly mine), I made it all the way through the “Inktober” prompts last year! Granted, I drew a pair of dice one of the days and that took about 25 seconds. Baby steps, okay? This year, I’m hoping to up the ante. Equipped with a proper studio and some competitive spirit, I’m going to turn these sub-par prompts … Read More

Inktober 2021 (3)

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Success! Completed drawings for each day in October this year. Some of my favorite drawings were for the prompts “Fan”, “Stuck”, “Splat”, and “Slither”. THANK YOU for subscribing to email updates! It’s a consistent and authentic way of sharing my work with people who actually care. As a token of my appreciation, I’d like to send you a small gift … Read More

Inktober 2021 (2)

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Excited to share the second batch of drawings from this year’s Inktober daily prompts. A little behind, but made it farther than last year. Couple drawings where I doubled up two days into one. More lazy than creative, honestly. There is a single “mash-up” time lapse video with most of the drawings from the past two weeks. Enjoy!    

Inktober 2021 (1)

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“Last year I participated for a few days before sputtering out.” – André, October 2020 Ten days later, I sputtered out. It’s Inktober season again (or as autocorrect insists, “ink toner” season), which means it’s time for my annual overpromise to create a drawing every day for the month of October. (Remember when I drew every day in 2018? I … Read More

Cornhole Boards 2.0

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I’m excited to finally share some photos of my second round of hand-built, hand-painted cornhole boards. I made 12 more boards last winter (round one was 8 boards)—now I’m rolling them out for sale this summer. If you know someone who’s in the market, pass this along! Facebook Marketplace link: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/823112578309276/

November 21, 2020

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Third in a series of three! The First National Bank Sign that sits atop the building of the same name in downtown St. Paul, Minnesota. I have to confess I did not know there were in fact three of them, all facing different sides of the city. This completes a series of pen & ink drawings of iconic Twin Cities … Read More

November 16th, 2020

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I prepared a short time-lapse video of my latest drawing; however, the best bit did not get captured–the edge of the bottle cap. This is the second in a series of iconic Minneapolis-Saint Paul neon signs (the first was the “Gold Medal Flour” sign that overlooks the Mississippi River). Third to come!

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