"Do you ever paint from photos people give you?"

YES! I completed my first commission when I was 14 and have since painted everything from dogs to cabins to vacation highlights, all on request.

Artists are divided on the topic of commissions. I am personally really into them because it gives me a chance to connect with someone about an image that's important to them. But it's more than an image; it's a place, or an experience, or a friend (usually a dog). It's always a memory, and it's always very personal.

I'm super flexible with these projects, so the best way to get started is to send me an email and tell me what you're thinking. The sky is seriously the limit.


Pricing varies based on subject matter, complexity, and size. The following are totally just estimates:

8x10" ~ $120

11x14 ~ $150

16x20 ~ $200

18x24 ~ $275

( landscapes/buildings = $, pets = $$, people/faces = $$$$ )

These are standard sizes for framing, but I can do pretty much any dimensions you're looking for (one time I did a mantelpiece painting that was 5 feet in width!). I work almost exclusively in watercolor, which is done on paper, not canvas. That means frames should have mats and glass—just something to keep in mind.