The “In Rosemount” Series


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To those who are just hearing about our four-year collaboration on three books, Chuck Brooks and I are offering all three at a discount. ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas in Rosemount (2013) tells the sentimental tale of a community touched by the Christmas spirit on Christmas Eve. The 12 Days BEFORE Christmas in Rosemount (2014) takes the humor route, following an unlucky character who receives wacky gifts from a mysterious stranger leading up to the big day. Finally, The Little School that Could: Celebrating 100 Years of Students in Rosemount (2016) commemorates the 100th graduating class of Rosemount High School by recounting the history of the school and all the trials it has endured. “100 years later, we are strong. We are one with our community. We ARE the Irish.”



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