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You might think the artist of all people would be good at getting new artwork dressed up in a frame and hung on the wall. Maybe most of them are, but I most certainly am not. I have had no end of paintings live in their protective sleeve in my portfolio for months—years—before I get around to finding the right frame. Even then, I had a great painting all framed up and then it just leaned face against the wall for over a year, in two different apartments, before I had the hardware put on and got it up in my office at work.

So, I have decided to do you a favor. In the interest of getting art on your wall faster and more easily, I am doing the framing for you. (It might also force me to break my habit.) I’m starting out with pre-framing pen & ink prints since it’s a safe bet that a black frame with a white mat is going to work in your space. We’ll see what happens when I get to pre-framing watercolor paintings.

Here are some pictures of how these first pre-framed prints will look. I cut the mats myself and purchase the frames in bulk. They are good quality and should stand the test of time. Most importantly, they protect your artwork.

(Pictures coming soon!)

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  1. Patricia Nelson
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    I believe this is a good way to go for some.
    Your work is beautiful and I’d like to buy one to hang in my office/studio.

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